Passed Away: 01/05/2023

Favorite Toy: Anything squeaky




Banana was a fun little guy, with lots of love and joy inside him. He was a born in 2007 and came into our home in 2011, where he lived a happy life. He took to to us so quickly and felt right at home. He was easy to get along with and took to all dogs with no issue. I still can remember the first time I saw him stand up on his hind legs when he wanted his dinner, which was so funny and so cute. He always made us laugh. He will immensely missed by me and the entire family. I know that he was in pain and I know I made the right decision but its never easy to let go. Even though he is gone, he will remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you the Animal Kingdom Pet Services team. You guys are amazing. You made me feel comfortable through the whole experience and treated Banana like he was your own. You went above and beyond. For that, I thank you.

When it’s time for your beloved pet to move on, please consider Animal Kingdom Pet Services. You will not regret it.

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