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What Animals Do We Cremate?

We offer cremation services for a variety of pets from small pocket pets to large dogs, including cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and hamsters. Because we love them dearly, we want to say goodbye peacefully and naturally with respect and compassion. Being a pet parent means being committed until the very end! It means you care, and that you’ve always cared!

Our Promise To You

Organizing your best friend’s cremation can be overwhelming! We’re here to help you focus on what truly matters! Your Beloved Pet!

With Animal Kingdom Pet Services, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen the right place for quality and responsible pet cremation. The cat, dog, rabbit, or guinea pig that you’ve loved and treasured for a lifetime will always have a significant spot next to you. Many of our products are made from 100% recyclable material and are eco-friendly. We are affiliated with the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA), and The International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAOPCC).

What Are Our Options?

Many of our cremation products are eco-friendly and biodegradable, and ensure that your furry best friend’s ashes are stored naturally. Our eco-friendly urn falls under “The Serenity Package” and is safe for oceans and earth burials. We also offer custom engraved urns in four wood choices and four picture shapes. You can choose from four great, hardwoods: Oak, Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. You have the option to also choose between four picture shapes: Oval, Cascading Hearts, Rectangle, and Hearts.

We will be compassionate and make sure your pet is treated with dignity throughout our cremation services! Making sure your best friend remains honored for the life they spent with you is key. We understand your loss and know how life-changing this time is for you.

We’ll work with you on choosing the best animal cremation service to cremate your furry best friend. With three special packages to choose from, we are dedicated to helping individuals and families deal with the passing of their pet, and to help you find peace and comfort through your grief. 


Our Packages

With our Forever Package, you can include custom engraved urns upon request. For a full list of current options, check out our catalog or contact us today!

Why Animal Kingdom Pet Service


We promise to deliver your pet’s ashes and only your pet’s ashes to you! We’re firmly committed to helping you make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing one of our pet cremation services.

We offer private on-site pet cremations and services to match your entire family’s needs. Our private crematorium ensures stringent standards with dignity, respect, grief support and compassion. We are honest, ethical and caring!




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