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Our staff of animal lovers are available to help you through the difficult time of losing your beloved pet. We’ve collected a few resources to help you through this difficult time.

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Our pet cremation services not only provide burial services for your pets, we help you say goodbye! Losing your furry family member is so difficult. You’ve lost a special loved one that’s seen you leave for work each morning, that’s accompanied you on those weekend hiking trips, and that’s been there for you when you’ve laughed and cried.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many support groups out there for those grieving the loss of their animal companions: cat, dog, horse, bird, or guinea pig. Allow your friends and family to understand what you’re going through, and what you’re feeling. The loss is devastating!

It’s normal to grieve this loss for a long time. If you do not have family members or a close friend to turn to, finding support through a therapist may help ease the grieving period. There is nothing wrong with you if you’re finding this loss traumatic.

If your pet’s death has left another pet alone at home, consider their needs too. Pets suffer enormously when losing their companions.

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