Passed Away: 03/30/2021

Favorite Toy: His Little Monkey Brother Ziggy




Chase was the sweetest boy, he had a gentle heart always willing to give up his food, space, or nap time for anyone in need. He came to our home after wondering around for about a month in our neighborhood back in Aug 2010. He was malnourished, and looked very hungry. After several weeks of going out at different times of the night looking for him, asking neighbors for a wondering dog…he came to our door! I immediately gave him food, leashed him, and took him to the back porch in hopes of finding his owners. After posting pics of him, no one claimed this boy! It was obvious he had been abused, he was a little aggressive towards other people, but not me! I worked with him…reassuring him I wouldn’t hurt him, giving him love, hoping to find him a good home, because we had 4 already. That never happened…He chose US! we were very happy to give him a home, and after much love and patience he moved into the house, out of the Lanai and into our hearts! His other pack brothers and sisters welcomed him in, not without letting him know Deeva was the Alpha Pack Leader! A little 16lb Shih-Tzu..she put him in his place quick! He loved everyone who he came in contact with…He was a gentle soul, a goof ball at times, loved all our children, and grandchildren..even got to meet the great grandchildren, who also loved Him. It was hard to tell our 3 yr old great grandson when we spoke on the phone, and immediately asked for his Chasey boy (as he called him) that he was now with Jesus! He immediately said “Thank you Jesus!” as this is what he hears us often say when in prayer. Chase will be greatly missed, but will always have a special place in everyone’s heart who got to meet and interact with him! He will be missed by his favorite buddy…Ziggy Our little Marmoset monkey, who often used Chase as a horse! We will always love you Chase! You taught us that Love, patience, and perseverance can conquer it all, even our greatest fears! <3

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