Passed Away: 02/01/2020

Favorite Toy: Squeakys




Saying goodbye to our darling little angel today was very painful. We were blessed little Henry Higgins chose us as his people for a short 16 years, 7 months and 19 days. What a trooper, overcoming AIHA and defying the odds for many years. A sweet and gentle soul for sure and a comedian and movie star to boot. Run with the wind in your hair alongside the other three amigos my love until we cross the bridge to join you <3. Jen and Chris, no words can express how much your kindness meant to us. Most pet cremation services are closed on weekends but when we called you, you were not only available but willing to pick Higgins up. I must admit, I was scared to have him picked up and needed to know where he was going, so we took him to you. You welcomed us into your facility like you were welcoming friends into your home, introduced us to some beautiful rescue kitties you support and made us so comfortable and relaxed with no rushed and hurried business transaction kind of deal we have had in other such sad circumstances. Chris, you hand delivered Higgins remains home to us this evening with such a beautiful and personal package, amazing. I hope I do not have to use your services again for a very long time, but I hope somehow you remain in our lives. You are good people; great people and it exudes from you. We are so grateful to you both on this sad day.
Tina and Robert

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