Indiana Boys

Passed Away: 02/25/2020

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball




Indy was 12 years old. Husband and I bought him our first year of marriage, 12 years ago. Our first baby. He has been through all of our moves, including three different states. He’s been our companion and our protector. He was here when we brought home our kids and he’s protected them (after his jealousy wore off). He loved to snuggle give kisses and enjoyed the walks we got to take. He was amazed by the hose and it didn’t matter the temp he’d want you to get him soaked. He was a great dog that we swore knew exactly what we would say to him, so smart. Our house is missing something without him and hopefully the painful ache will start to subside. Thank you Animal Kingdom for providing such an incredible service for pet lovers. It was truly comforting knowing he was in good hands during this process.

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