Passed Away: 07/07/2020

Favorite Toy: Occasional Stuffed squeaky’s




I rescued Marley about 9-10 years ago (maybe she rescued me), and not long after that, we became a registered pet therapy team – visiting both Nemours and Sandlake Hospitals, often several times a month. I had recently lost my mom and saw how much animal therapy made a difference in peoples lives, especially those limited to or confined to a facility for a certain time. Over the next 7 years the number of smiles brought to an innumreable number of patients, staff and visitors through Marley’s warm, caring and loving demeanor, were nothing more than unreal. It was almost as if there was a caring human inside Marley that just understood what folks needed at a particular time. At home, she was my best friend, protector and yard patrol dog lol. She enjoyed being outside except in the summer lately as the heat was just a lot. Her last several months have had good days and some not so good days and her quality of life was declining. I was preparing myself to have to make the painful decision to not let her hurt anymore. I had Knee surgery On Monday the 6th, and on the 7th she just was a little more wobbly than normal. The last time I took her outside she walked slowly around the yard, sniffing all the familiar smells, and looking over her grounds. She looked out at the water for what seemed like several minutes, holding her head high, then turned to me with the same proud look. then slowly made her way back inside and laid down next to me where she had been since I returned from surgery. This must have been her ‘Victory Lap’, as it wasn’t but a few hours later that Marley became unresponsive then shortly thereafter passed away. Thank you Animal Kingdom for being so very prompt and professional, but especially for your caring ways in helping with a difficult time. I will miss my friend Marley.

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