Rosalie Gibb

Type of Animal: Papillion/Chiwuawau Mix

It has taken me 2 weeks to write this as I was dealing with the pain of losing my little girl. I also did not want to have her buried. I looked up crematories and animal Kingdom pet services popped up on my phone. So I brought her there. I explained to the person who was taking care of us that in 3 days we had travel arrangements if they can rush it. They said they couldn’t do it because it was backed up. Anyway in the end I chose my selections everything was very simple no extras. I just wanted to have her ashes with me. Anyway to my surprise they had her cremated in 2 days. Not only that, the package that she was given to me in had all kinds of memorabilia her hair I mean they went over and above and beyond for my little girl. I cannot say enough of how wonderful animal kingdom pet services treated me and my dog. Thank you again.

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