Type of Animal: Cat

I lost my 19 year old kitty, Paxton, on December 30, 2019. I took him to my vet, and several tests were done. After several trips and a lot of money spent, she advised it was time to put him down. He had been my best friend for 19 years. All through this, I always was asking prices and finally told it would be 175. 00 for the procedure. Well, the day came and I walked into the vet’s, crying and so upset…he was in his carrier, looking around, which even made it harder. I asked the receptionist when would I get his ashes? She coldly replied you won’t get them back! She then indicated that for several hundred more dollars, I would get them. At that point I was devastated and related I didn’t have the money and didn’t know what to do. She then asked do you want to take him home and make other arrangements. Then she told me to go to the Humane Society, and they would do it for twenty dollars. I felt like they didn’t care and she walked in the back. As luck would have it..God sent an angel to help me, by the name of Chris.I had saved his card, and immediately called him.I will never forget his reassuring and sympathetic manner, and said. I’m on my way…I couldn’t believe my ears. Just as Paxton closed his eyes for the last time, Chris entered the room. He came up to me and hugged me..I felt at peace .He then took over and took Paxton. We walked out of the vet together, and I knew Paxton was in good hands. Chris told me he would bring his ashes to my home later in the evening. I asked him if he could bring them the next day to my job. The next morning he came, and I was blown away what he did. He took out a beautiful urn, with a place to put his picture, I had a picture and he put it in for me. Next he gave me a beautiful necklace that would hold his ashes. Also I received a kitty book marker, and two hearts that when planted, would grow flowers. He gave me papers showing his cremation and a certificate of his death. There aren’t enough words to express my appreciation and sincere thanks. Chris was so comforting and I can’t imagine, what I would have done that afternoon had he not come. Chris, you are absolutely amazing, and certainly made me feel so much better about losing my buddy. I highly recommend Animal Kingdom for your pets. Jenny, Chris’s wife was so wonderful and comforting too! You were my angel that day, and I thank God, he sent you…and by the way, my three pups will never go back to that vet!

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