Passed Away: 02/24/2020

Favorite Toy: String




My Zazu, aka “Zazu-Pie” was the coolest and sweetest kitty❤️I got him from a shelter when he was about 2 or so years old and he passed away at about 11 or so years old. He had a loving personality and would always greet me at the door and loved to cuddle. Every time I’d go to bed he would jump in and get under the covers and lay on my chest. He would knead and purr and we would fall asleep. He had the sweetest little meow too… it was a light and cute meow and he would meow for attention not food. I’m very lucky to have had him and miss him so much. Thanks to Animal Kingdom Pet Services for being so caring in this rough time and Zazu will forever be in my heart 💜

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