Charlie Brown

Passed Away: 08/27/2022

Favorite Toy: Donut




My sweet Charlie Brown, words will never be enough to describe my love for you, my dear dear boy. Thank you for being my family when I had none, my best friend, life companion.
It was so beautiful to see you grow and enjoy life, our days at the park, the lake swims and hikes, your love for mud baths, the lazy days sunbathing by the window and eating your favorite…ice cream! haha… how you used to push me to socialize every time we went for walks, your stubbornness, your cute happy jumps and smiley faces, how you used to come out to greet me and ask for new toys whenever i got home, my dear sweet pup, sweetie pie, the memories are endless, you were simply the best. I am forever grateful you chose me to be your human and for the amazingly beautiful memories we had together.

Missing you is the saddest thing but thinking about our memories and the life we had makes my tears sweet and fills my heart with the purest love.
I miss you deeply Chessie pie, my chuckles. Thank you for teaching me braveness and courage, my champ. Thank you for the honor. Love you so much sweetheart.

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